Whether it's a birthday, or you need children entertainment during a wedding or family function - look no further! 
Why not book.....

A STAMP Drama Party!

An example of an hour's programme:


*A fun warm up (vocal & physical)


*A few drama/confidence boosting fun games to ease everybody in


*Drama pass the parcel - with each layer there is a task that the person has to perform (eg pretend to be a lion, show us your best grumpy face, pretend the person next to you is a fluffy teddy bear etc). Once the task is complete that person gets a STAMP drama sticker - everyone will end up with one of these by the end of the game and the last person gets a STAMP Drama gift as well!


*Acting out a treasure hunt - the children are talked through an adventure which they act out. By the end they act out that they have "found something" and they mime using/playing with their chosen thing and the others guess what it is! 


*An improvisation that all the children are involved in (working in pairs then joining the whole thing together). Props are available to use too such as a top hats, feather boas, animal ears etc - we put this together and then perform to each other or if adults would like to come in and watch and the children are ok with it then its great for them to have an audience!

*Presentation of STAMP Certificate to everyone 

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